Where to Find Windshield Replacement for Vintage Cars


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There is a common belief that the windscreen replacement cost for vintage cars is going to be far more costly than a replacement for the latest vehicles. A vintage car, by definition, is a vehicle that was created in the early 1900s going up to around 1930s. Some people also use this term to describe classic cars. Finding a replacement for a damaged or chipped windscreen for this particular vehicle can be challenging for some.


The truth is, however, hiring a windscreen replacement company for vintage cars is not that hard as you would imagine. And the replacement price will not be that much costly too. Here is an overview of where you can find a windscreen replacement for your classic car at a very reasonable price.


What is Exactly a Vintage Car?


A vintage car falls into the category of those beautiful early vehicles that you often see during parades. These are classic cars from a bygone era that are primarily considered as collectibles these days. Some people do still drive them too. There are specialty companies that make vintage car windscreens, as well as the glass for the side doors and the back panel. These companies produce these windscreens which are almost always flat glass. It is also possible to get many other features including a factory green tint. You only need the year, make and model of the car that needs the windscreen replacement. That way, it can be produced and purchased.


Can Vintage Cars’ Windscreens Be Repaired?

vintage car windscreen


It can be possible to repair vintage cars’ windscreens in the same way that latest cars’ windscreens are repaired. If the crack is small enough, the damaged area will be literally invisible as if no damage had actually occurred. This is much more common with replacement windscreens used for vintage vehicles due to the type of material that is used. It is possible that the original glass may be too fragile to repair. Therefore, it might actually be better to replace it entirely with a regular flat windscreen that is built with modern safety standards. Now, let’s look at where you can find replacement windscreens for classic cars.


Where to Find Vintage Cars Windscreen Replacement


If you browse the Internet, you can find several classic car glass replacement companies which make it very easy for you to place your order. If you work with a glass shop in your area, they should also have access to the same companies and will be able to place your order. They will know exactly what type of windscreen you will need as they are experts with everything related to cars. More than likely, you will know what type of vintage vehicle that you own. You will also know the make, model and manufacturing year of that car. Simply give these details to the service provider to have this done and they can do the order and replacement for you. Finding classic cars windscreen replacements is indeed not that hard to do, especially if you are in an urban area.


If you do own a vintage car with chipped windscreen, it is definitely time to contact one of these windscreen replacement services. They can order and replace the windscreen of your classic car. The cost will be similar to what you will pay for a regular windscreen, sometimes even less. If you drive this vintage car around, you need to keep in mind to replace any damage in the windscreens as soon as possible. This is in order to make sure that you and those around you are safe.


The Importance of Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course


motorcycle safety course

In almost every state, taking a motorcycle safety course is required by law. In some states, depending on your age, you may be required to take an additional course to prove that you understand safety on the road and how to properly operate this type of vehicle. Riding a motorcycle is a privilege. Thus, it is very important that each licence which is given out should be treated with respect.

No matter what state you live in, there are motorcycle courses to help improve your knowledge on motorcycle safety. You can gain knowledge from these courses whether in a classroom setting or in actual riding. However, both are highly recommended in addition to lifelong learning process that every motorcyclist should take.

Nothing of course beats experience on the road. Riding a motorcycle is not different in that respect than a car. Except only that it is much easier to get hurt on two wheels. Since there are many fatalities in motorcycle accidents each year, it is of the utmost importance that motorcycle safety be taken seriously. Hence, a licence should only be given once you passed strict state guidelines.

Sharing the road with fellow automobiles can be a challenge for every motorcyclist. So, it is really up to you to pay close attention whenever you go for a ride. Although many people love the thrill of doing it, but this should not be taken as a game. Instead, this should always be seen as a serious thing not only by you but by all other drivers. That way, accidents can be avoided.

At times, it can be difficult to see a motorcyclist at night. You should know this by now and should not take it personal when a car cuts in front of you. Too often accidents occur out of anger. For someone riding a motorcycle, it can result in serious injuries compared to the one riding in 4 wheels.

Taking a motorcycle safety course should be mandatory and not ever be taken lightly. For all new riders, they must understand proper safety. This consists of knowing the right gear to wear, the laws and how to properly turn. You should also learn some skills like stopping, straight-line riding and most importantly hazard avoidance. A rider should always have to freshen up their skills long after they received a licence. Hence, enrolling in an experienced rider course which teaches defensive driving techniques, cornering and swerving is highly important at any level.

It’s surprising how many serious accidents occur each year that involve motorcycle riders when the majority of them could have been avoided through proper safety techniques. Whether it is laziness, fearlessness, stupidity or just disregard for their fellow riders, more can and should be done to mandate that every rider be required to take safety classes annually. We now have that power since the internet makes it much easier for us to at least view safety procedures. If anything happens, it should serve as a reminder to how dangerous it can be out on the road without proper motorcycle safety knowledge.

Rider safety should be taken seriously by anyone riding on a bike whether it’s their first time or they’ve been doing for a long time. Without safety, then there really is no point in ever getting on a bike. That’s because the odds eventually will catch up to anyone who doesn’t take it seriously.


Key Motorcycle Cornering Techniques


motorcycle racer cornering

While you are new to riding a motorcycle, you will soon realize that cornering is a skill of its own. It has to be learned over time or else you are going to mess things up as time goes on. You also need to find ways on how you can master this essential skill. Learn to be as patient as you can when learning these cornering techniques to get better at this process. If you can do this, you will be more than happy with the results at the end of the day. Hence, you need to be on the lookout for ways on how to master this skill. Here are some useful techniques that should assist you.


Plan Line in Advance


The cornering skill is reliant on being able to accurately line up the motorcycle and let it get into the process properly. If you have the line right, cornering becomes easy. You have to make sure you are predicting the path beforehand. You also have to look at how tight the corner is and the line you are going to take. If you don’t do this, you are going to crash and that is the last thing you want to happen, yet this does happen a lot. Hence, you need to have a line in your mind that has to be followed.


Trust Your Vision Rather Than Assuming


Your vision is the ‘go-to’ way for you to know how the curve is going to behave. You should not be assuming anything. This is the worst mistake you can make and should be the last thing on your mind at all. Make sure you are focused on how you are going to approach the task and then move forward from there. If you’re able to do this, you will begin to realize how easy it really is. You should not be assuming the turn is going to be a certain way. Your vision will not lie to you.


Throttle Slightly


As you enter the curve, you need to throttle a bit. Doing this helps you get the right speed going into the turn. If you can do this, it will be easier for you to speed through while still going smooth as you do it. You must also learn to find your balance. A lot of people don’t realize this until it is too late. So, you have to focus on this in order to be contented with the results.

Use these techniques and you’ll be able to learn to corner your motorcycle the proper way. Cornering is not a skill that is going to come so easily. You need to do a bit of effort and hard work. Sure, it is going to take a bit of practice. But once you have mastered this skill, you’ll be able to get quality results faster than you otherwise would think. So, take heed of these tips here and keep them in mind at all times while you are riding your motorcycle. Learning the proper cornering skill ensures a very successful and safe travel.


Top Mishaps Motorcyclist Do


You’ve probably done some stupid things while driving or on the street by mistake. Here is a list of ten mistakes that often happen to motorcycle riders.

1) We’ve all been there. You are coming to an intersection and you want to turn, but there is a lot of traffic and pedestrians around you. So, naturally, instead of hitting your turning signal, you hit the horn and now everyone is looking at you with confused expressions, and even some angry ones.

2) It is not uncommon for pedestrians to take a look at their reflections in the shop windows, but if you are on a bike, you might want to think twice before doing so. Sure, it’s a nice day and you might feel so handsome on your bike, so what’s the harm in taking one glance at your reflection? motorcycle-accidentWell, no harm, except if the traffic ahead has suddenly stopped and now you have to sit on the brakes in order not to rear-end the vehicle in front of you. Or, it might already be too late.

3) It’s the end of hot day season, and it is cold outside. Time to switch from easy summer gear to the expensive and warm armor suit. Put on all the equipment, from thick leather gloves to boots and straps and what not, get climb onto your bike only to realize your keys are not where they should be, and that is in your pocket. Well, technically they are… in the pocket of the jeans you were wearing before.

4) After a long day, you are riding back home and you feel tired. You get to a stoplight, and realize that the sunglasses are not quite secure on top of your nose. You lift up your visor to adjust them. Only, they aren’t there and you’ve poked yourself in the eye, realizing that you aren’t actually wearing sunglasses and it is night time.Motorcycle accident

5) You’ve done this a thousand times, but you still didn’t learn anything. Going for quick run to the grocery shop and buying only the things from the list never ends how you planned it. Somehow you always end up with more than your bike’s bags can carry, so you have to maneuver with groceries in sitting your lap.

6) More often than anyone cares to admit has it happened that you stop at a red light and once it’s turned green, you twist the throttle, but remain in the same place, because you forgot to shift the gear. Everyone is looking at you with a smirk, and the ones behind you are getting impatient.

7) Every once in a while you feel sick, get the cold and you feel depressed because of it. And you ask yourself what might help you feel better, and the answer presents itself: going for a ride. And yes, you feel better for a while, until you start sneezing going 60 mph in a full-face helmet!


So there you have it! Hopefully you haven’t done all of the things on this list, but you probably have done at least one of them.