You’ve probably done some stupid things while driving or on the street by mistake. Here is a list of ten mistakes that often happen to motorcycle riders.

1) We’ve all been there. You are coming to an intersection and you want to turn, but there is a lot of traffic and pedestrians around you. So, naturally, instead of hitting your turning signal, you hit the horn and now everyone is looking at you with confused expressions, and even some angry ones.

2) It is not uncommon for pedestrians to take a look at their reflections in the shop windows, but if you are on a bike, you might want to think twice before doing so. Sure, it’s a nice day and you might feel so handsome on your bike, so what’s the harm in taking one glance at your reflection? motorcycle-accidentWell, no harm, except if the traffic ahead has suddenly stopped and now you have to sit on the brakes in order not to rear-end the vehicle in front of you. Or, it might already be too late.

3) It’s the end of hot day season, and it is cold outside. Time to switch from easy summer gear to the expensive and warm armor suit. Put on all the equipment, from thick leather gloves to boots and straps and what not, get climb onto your bike only to realize your keys are not where they should be, and that is in your pocket. Well, technically they are… in the pocket of the jeans you were wearing before.

4) After a long day, you are riding back home and you feel tired. You get to a stoplight, and realize that the sunglasses are not quite secure on top of your nose. You lift up your visor to adjust them. Only, they aren’t there and you’ve poked yourself in the eye, realizing that you aren’t actually wearing sunglasses and it is night time.Motorcycle accident

5) You’ve done this a thousand times, but you still didn’t learn anything. Going for quick run to the grocery shop and buying only the things from the list never ends how you planned it. Somehow you always end up with more than your bike’s bags can carry, so you have to maneuver with groceries in sitting your lap.

6) More often than anyone cares to admit has it happened that you stop at a red light and once it’s turned green, you twist the throttle, but remain in the same place, because you forgot to shift the gear. Everyone is looking at you with a smirk, and the ones behind you are getting impatient.

7) Every once in a while you feel sick, get the cold and you feel depressed because of it. And you ask yourself what might help you feel better, and the answer presents itself: going for a ride. And yes, you feel better for a while, until you start sneezing going 60 mph in a full-face helmet!


So there you have it! Hopefully you haven’t done all of the things on this list, but you probably have done at least one of them.